On 08-09/02/2022, a meeting of the European project “Effective tackling of the economic crisis and the role of workers and social partners in public sector” was held electronically. Participants from the following organizations attended: CSIT Professional Union (Spain),Federazione Autonoma del Sindicati del Transporti. FAST (Italy), Federacja Przedsiębiorców Polskich (Poland), Sindikat zaposlenih u zdravstvu i socijalnoj zaštiti Srbije, (Serbia), National Federation of Commerce, Services, Customs and Tourism. CL Podkrepa (Bulgaria) and Lietuvos Profesine Sajunga. LPF “Solidarumas” Lithuania).

On the first day of the meeting, the expert and representative of CSIT Ángel Lozano Lares welcomes and presents the agenda of the conference. Later he presents a preview of the comparative report and the Action Plan. The partners are then given the opportunity to make their comments.

Secondly, the expert presents the phase of Advice Consultations, and at the end of this phase gives way to doubts, questions and debate.

Finally, the dates for the national guides on the website drawn up by each expert in their own language, the duration of the advisory phase and the publication of the tool were agreed.

On the second day of the meeting, the expert presents the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan, with particular attention to the measures covered by the advisory phase of the project.

Each organization then presents the measures that are the subject of advice in its National Recovery and Resilience Plan, moderated by the CSIT representative. Once they have been presented, a debate is given on the presentations, questions and a summary of the meeting.