On 06-07/06/2022, the meeting of the European project “Effective tackling of the economic crisis and the role of workers and social partners in public sector” was held in person. Participants from the following organizations attended: CSIT Professional Union (Spain),Federazione Autonoma del Sindicati del Transporti. FAST (Italy), Federacja Przedsiębiorców Polskich (Poland), Sindikat zaposlenih u zdravstvu i socijalnoj zaštiti Srbije, (Serbia), National Federation of Commerce, Services, Customs and Tourism. CL Podkrepa (Bulgaria) and Lietuvos Profesine Sajunga. LPF “Solidarumas” Lithuania).

The expert and representative of CSIT Ángel Lozano Lares welcomed the attendees. The project expert presented the structure of the meetings and the topics to be developed during the working day. Later he did the presentation of Presentation of the publication Follow up Report. Next, there was a presentation and debate on the situation of the labor market in the public sector: immediate challenges of workers in the Digital Transition.

Subsequently, the expert explained the challenges of the public sector in the Digital transition within the framework of the declaration of digital rights and principles for the digital decade. And then he presented the proposal for a digital skills framework for public sector workers. The Project Expert, Ángel Lozano, proceeded to present a proposal for the continuity of the Project, which was approved by all the partners.

Finally, Inmaculada Gómez, Deputy Secretary of CSIT UNIÓN PROFESIONAL, took the floor, in her capacity as representative of the beneficiary Organization, who declared the Project finished, thanking all the participants for their work in its development, and congratulating both with the conclusions reached, as well as with the fulfillment of the objectives foreseen at the beginning.